30 Years of Experience & Passion
Richville Federated Group of Companies traces its origins back to February of 1988, with a single detached house at Ayala Alabang Village. With only a handful of basic equipment, a few workers and minimal support facilities, its owners and colleagues worked as a team, each one contributing his experience and expertise. Their persistence and hard work paid off when the corporation flourished in the business of developing and constructing on its acquired properties. Given the privilege to explore and develop new ideas, the company has expanded from acquisistion and construction to even property management operations. 

Through the years, the company has targeted specific areas of property development, starting in Ayala Alabang and eventually expanding to Manila. In its portfolio you will find dwellings of different natures; from office spaces to residential condominiums to hotel & resorts.  

Richville Federated Group of Companies shall continue to expand and create more diversified and quality projects. Bolstered by ambition and inspired by travels from around the world, the vision is to expose, educate, & introduce new ideas in design, product, and customer experience, specifically in the residential sector - always keeping in mind that location is key. 

Richville Federated Group of Companies aims to bring through our professional work an awareness of the values of integrity, honesty, and the spirit to serve, not only to our consumers but also to our colleagues in the workplace. We are committed in (1) providing the highest quality in Property Development and Management, (2) to ensure customer satisfaction, (3) to develop competencies in our colleagues professionally, personally, and culturally, (4) to give back to the community concretized by in ReachOutVille Foundation Inc.